About the Ritual

It is believed that saying “Rabbit Rabbit” out loud first thing on the first day of the month brings good luck.

As with many superstitions, the origin is unknown, but the first written record was in a British periodical named Notes and Queries in 1909. Some believers have included Franklin D. Roosevelt and the 1960s fictional character Trixie Belden. And for all the ‘90s kids out there, Nickelodeon was known to celebrate the tradition, too!

Though we can’t absolutely guarantee this ritual works, we do know starting each month with these two words makes us feel hopeful for a fresh start and excited by possibility.

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About Us

We’re Susie and Erin—the women behind Rabbit Rabbit.

We’re both big believers. And mothers. And friends. And we’re on a mission to bring more good and more luck to more people by ensuring this age-old ritual lives on.

We’re dedicated to designing our Rabbit Rabbit products with integrity. We believe in giving back. And we are so very grateful to be on this journey with you!

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